Magic Model Generator

Tháng Ba 26, 2009

Dr Nic is a great guy :)


./script/generate magic_model


Imagine you get offered $5,000 to write a basic website/admin application on a legacy database that has 200 interconnected tables. You’ll need to add all the associations and validations based on the existing schema.

Imagine how long that would take! 1 day? 1 week? more?

Try 1 minute.

The Magic Model Generator does all this for you automatically.


$ sudo gem install magic_model_generator

Quick demo

Create a rails application, and point it to your database.

$ rails magic_show -d [mysql|sqlite|postgresql|oracle|etc|etc]
$ cd magic_show
$ cp database.yml.sample database.yml
and point it to your database.yml to your legacy database

In the video below I use the database created for the ActiveRecord test cases – activerecord_unittest. If you’ve never downloaded the activerecord gem, run:

$ rake build_[mysql|sqlite|postgresql|oracle|etc|etc]_databases
$ rake test_[mysql|sqlite|postgresql|oracle|etc|etc]

Now install the magic_model_generator gem:

$ sudo gem install magic_model_generator

By the way, that’s all the preparation I did for the video.

Now recreate the schema.rb file and the schema_info database table via

$ rake db:migrate


Finally, run the generator:

$ ./script/generate magic_model


Currently rails_generators cannot merge results into existing files, only skip or overwrite. I am investigating a fix for this so that you can use the MMG for iterative development.

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