RubyMine 1.0 Beta Released: A Solid, IntelliJ Based Ruby and Rails IDE

Tháng Tư 5, 2009



Five months ago JetBrains (the company behind Java IDE IntellJ IDEA) released a “public preview” of RubyMine, a new Ruby and Rails IDE. Now, they’ve released the beta of version 1.0, the precursor for a final 1.0 launch later this month. You can download it right away – it came in at about a 75MB download for OS X, but Windows and Linux versions are also available.

When I posted about the preview of RubyMine five months ago, several people raved about how great they thought JetBrains’ IntellIJ IDEA IDE was (which RubyMine is built upon). I don’t have any personal experience with IntellIJ so you’ll need to make your own mind up, but in casual testing RubyMine worked well. There were a few rough edges (project file list didn’t always update with new files quickly; some minor interface snafus; had to add db:migrate Rake task manually) and there’s the downside that it takes several minutes to start your first project as it wants to scour through all of your Ruby libraries. On the plus side, it felt more intuitive to put together a basic Rails app than in the other IDEs I’ve tried so far.

Ruby Inside will feature a complete review once the final release drops.

The Feature Set

rubymineide.pngOn the surface, RubyMine offers all of the features you’d expect from a high-end IDE:

  • Code completion
  • Code snippet support
  • Refactoring tools
  • Project file management / navigation
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing (including Erb support)
  • RSpec and Test::Unit support (with GUI-based test runner)
  • Built-in Rails console
  • Ruby debugger (with full support for Rails apps)

JetBrains’ RubyMine blog is a good source for info about these features as most of them have been added over time.

It’s Commercial – But Only $99 (or $49, if you want)

RubyMine is available as a free, 90 day trial, but is ultimately a piece of commercial software that will retail for $99. JetBrains have a sign up form where you can get a 50% off coupon for the final version of RubyMine 1.0, however, so that should take the sting out of the tail and bring the price down to $49.

I was a bit worried when I first mentioned RubyMine that it was going to be a $200+ app that people would be reluctant to buy, but if you can get the coupon to get it down to $49, it’s a great deal. Even at $99, it’s not bad, although, naturally, there are plenty of open source options if it’s not to your taste.


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