17 Videos Covering Basic Ruby Techiques

Tháng Tư 16, 2009

This one is pretty good for newbies

Source: http://www.rubyinside.com/17-videos-covering-basic-ruby-techiques-1685.html

vidgfx.gifTekniqal.com is a site offering a series of 17 Basic Ruby tutorials in screencast form. In a way, it’s like Railscasts, but focusing solely on basic Ruby techniques. So far there are 17 tutorials covering basic topics from whitespace and identifiers through to symbols and hashes, but it looks like there’ll be more in future.

These videos probably won’t be of much direct use to the average Ruby Inside reader directly, but if you have developers under you or friends who need to learn Ruby and you want them to get a quick fire, bite by bite introduction to some of the concepts involved, point them to Tekniqal.

The videos so far are:

1. Identifiers
2. Whitespace
3. Dynamic Typing
4. Variables – Scope
5. Methods
6. Conditions
7. Loops
8. String Delimiters
9. Symbols
10. Strings and Mutability
11. Ranges
12. Creating Arrays
13. Accessing Arrays
14. Manipulating Arrays (Part 1)
15. Manipulating Arrays (Part 2)
16. Working with Hashes (Part 1)
17. Working with Hashes (Part 2)


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