Help kill Internet Explorer 6

Tháng Tư 19, 2009


Today Done21 is proud to announce IE6 Update, a great new tool to encourage your Internet Explorer 6 website visitors to update their browser. Check out, and if you end up using IE6 Update, tell us about it on Twitter using the hashtag #ie6update!

Now, some back story…

Internet Explorer 6 is the plague of the Internet. Sure there are other battles, like net neutrality or censorship, but I think it’s safe to say that IE6 has held back innovation more than anything else, because of its slow JavaScript engine, incorrect rendering of web pages, bad security, and more. At the time of this writing, Net Applications says 18% of Internet users still use Internet Explorer 6. Even worse, many sites have a much higher percentage of Internet Explorer 6 visitors.

There have been numerous efforts to put an end to Internet Explorer 6 and we’d like to thank all of them, particularly these:

While we applaud any campaign to put an end to IE6, most efforts we’ve seen are very developer centric. And although there have been many other great sites that politely ask users to update, I think developers have made the bold assumption that your average IE6 user is capable of distinguishing between their web browser and the Internet. It’s kind of a hard thing for us tech types to understand, but just take a look at Microsoft’s marketing for Internet Explorer 8:

IE8 Home Page
IE8’s Homepage

IE8 Upgrade your Internet
Upgrade your Internet

Better Web
IE8 makes your web better… what?

IE8 Banner Advertisement
Download a new Internet!

See what I mean? Microsoft markets its browser as the Internet itself. It’s no wonder its been so hard for developers to explain the situation to their site visitors. We, the web community, have politely asked web surfers to upgrade from IE6. We’ve tried. Everyone has tried. So now it’s time to trick them into upgrading. That’s right, trick IE6 users into moving on. Tricking users is a big taboo, but if we’re talking about tricking users into upgrading from IE6 to a newer browser, we feel that it’s like tricking them into receiving free money.

How can we do this? Well, you know that yellow bar that sometimes appears in Internet Explorer at the top of the browser window? It’s called the Information Bar. It usually displays information about security updates, missing plug-ins, and things of that nature. We decided that the best way to get behind enemy lines would be to fake the Information Bar and offer the user a browser update. Check it out:

IE6 Update

To use IE6 Update, all you have to do is go to this website, and then copy and paste the IE6 Update code into your site. It’s that easy.


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