Shoulda Roundup: Elegant, Maintainable Ruby Testing

Tháng Năm 6, 2009


Making Tests Easy on the Fingers and Eyes

The Shoulda gem makes it easy to write elegant, understandable, and maintainable Ruby tests. Shoulda consists of test macros, assertions, and helpers added on to the Test::Unit framework. It’s fully compatible with your existing tests, and requires no retooling to use.

  • Context & Should blocks – context and should provide RSpec-like test blocks for Test::Unit suites. In addition, you get nested contexts and a much more readable syntax.
  • Macros – Generate many ActionController and ActiveRecord tests with helpful error messages. They get you started quickly, and can help you ensure that your application is conforming to best practice.
  • Assertions – Many common Rails testing idioms have been distilled into a set of useful assertions.

The Shoulda gem can be used for non-Rails projects


sudo gem install thoughtbot-shoulda --source=


Context Helpers

Stop killing your fingers with all of those underscores… Name your tests with plain sentences!

class UserTest < Test::Unit 
  context "A User instance" do
    setup do
      @user = User.find(:first)

    should "return its full name" do
      assert_equal 'John Doe', @user.full_name

    context "with a profile" do
      setup do
        @user.profile = Profile.find(:first)

      should "return true when sent #has_profile?" do
        assert @user.has_profile?

Produces the following test methods:

"test: A User instance should return its full name." 
"test: A User instance with a profile should return true when sent #has_profile?."

So readable!

ActiveRecord Tests

Quick macro tests for your ActiveRecord associations and validations:

class PostTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
  should_belong_to :user
  should_have_many :tags, :through => :taggings

  should_require_unique_attributes :title
  should_require_attributes :body, :message => /wtf/
  should_require_attributes :title
  should_only_allow_numeric_values_for :user_id

class UserTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
  should_have_many :posts

  should_not_allow_values_for :email, "blah", "b lah" 
  should_allow_values_for :email, "", "" 
  should_ensure_length_in_range :email, 1..100
  should_ensure_value_in_range :age, 1..100
  should_protect_attributes :password

Makes TDD so much easier.

Controller Tests

Macros to test the most common controller patterns…

context "on GET to :show for first record" do
  setup do
    get :show, :id => 1

  should_assign_to :user
  should_respond_with :success
  should_render_template :show

  should "do something else really cool" do
    assert_equal 1, assigns(:user).id

Helpful Assertions

More to come here, but have fun with what’s there.

assert_same_elements([:a, :b, :c], [:c, :a, :b])
assert_contains(['a', '1'], /\d/)
assert_contains(['a', '1'], 'a')

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